Stumps Away

Work Examples

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Types of Job and how long they take

The equipment is highly productive and flexible as shown in the following examples.

1 - 2 hours

- Remove 4-6 x 24" - 30" diameter stumps

Half Day Rate

- 20 stumps on bank using hydraulic extension ram & army sand ladders

- 40 x 10" conifer stumps

- 100 ft of hedge stumps

Daily Rate

- 12ft diameter stump removed ready to extend car park area

- 50 stumps 10" - 30" diameter removed

Awkward Jobs

- 5ft wide stump abutting old wall; machine is very stable and allows accurate cutting close to fences/walls

- Stumps on bank between new building and fence where other sufficiently powerful equipment could not reach

- 1000 stumps removed from sloping golf course rough alongside fairways with minimum disturbance high production rate due to power, speed and manoeuvrability of machine

- Riverside stumps to below water level (to allow navigation of river bend)